NLP Master Practitioner Course

This is a comprehensive 7-Day NLP workshop to learn and apply all the contents, exercises and practical approach of NLP. It covers each topic from the beginning and trains you to not only practice for yourself but also coach and train people you care about.

This workshop is highly suitable for the people looking for the best out of NLP in shortest period of time. It is very useful for students, teachers, parents, chairpersons, youth, couples, professionals, sales personnel, businesspersons, doctors, lawyers, homeopaths, sports-persons senior citizens, people having any depressing/stressful memories, phobias, unwanted habits, uncontrolled behavior and individuals who wish to start their career as a trainer or coach for various fields.

This seven-day workshop will make you feel at the top of the world once again. It will help you achieve that you really desire and deserve in your life in terms of mental, emotional and physical health, financial goals, relationship and ultimate happiness..

Seven Reasons as to why you should opt for this NLP training program only…

Here are the unique benefits that you get when you complete this eight day NLP training program over others:

Complete and wide coverage of NLP in one go: You get a chance to learn each topic from the beginning and learn it to the level where you become master NLP Practitioner and a trainer simultaneously. If you compare the course details with other NLP training programs in India, you will find the that we cover more topics than others and this is what helps you to immediately start your NLP programs for various domains.

Chance to transform yourself: You not only get the best complete NLP training (NLP Basic Practitioner +NLP Master Practitioner) but also you have a chance to transform your life completely during this training. You will get rid of your unwanted behaviours, emotional burden, uncontrolled habits and will develop new beliefs, explore new personal potential and create unlimited vision for your goals.

Dual Certification: After you complete this training program, you will be awarded with two certificates; one: Master Practitioner in Applied Fundamentals of NLP, and the other: Certified Coach of Applied Fundamentals of NLP.

Time saving and cost-effective: You cover the it in just eight days through generative learning (a component of NLP, you can watch my number demo where I can learn the impossible thing in just one reading through NLP Submodalities, Modeling and Anchoring, while other NLP trainers take forty to fifty reading and will still fail. You will experience the same fast and effective learning).

Continuous learning support: NLP is an art, and you become expert only when you have enough exposure. In the journey of learning NLP and heading for perfection, you need a mentor who can guide you regularly. If you are my participant, you can attend my training programs as many times as possible FREE OF COST (You need to pay the food expenses if any).

Content designing support for your training programs: As an NLP trainer, if you wish to create a niche in the market of NLP or human transformation, you need to help people from different walks of life. People or organization will not check your certificates rather they will need results from you. If you fail to create the change, you will become the laughing stock, no matter whatever is the quality of the paper of your certificate or whosoever has signed it…it will just be a piece of paper. I support my participant/trainers to design their result oriented capabilities and contents for their workshops.

Launching support: once you complete and want to launch yourself as a trainer, I will help you promote you by putting your name/website’s name on the home page. It will help you get the perspective participants in or around your city.

Here lies the day-wise-course-details of the Seven–Day NLP Coach program.


  • NLP Introduction (Basics of NLP and human mind made simple)
  • Definition of NLP
  • What does NLP do?
  • Conscious/Unconscious mind
  • Pillars of NLP
  • Ecology
  • Sensory acuity (Use your senses to find the result) & Calibration
  • Congruence/Incongruence
  • Presuppositions
  • State of mind (The key to your success/happiness/wellness in each area of life)
  • What is an Emotional state?
  • Components of a state
  • Deletion, Distortion and Generalization
  • How we create a state?
  • Crucial distinctions
  • How to change a state?
  • State change @ Physiology and Personal Internal Representation


  • Rapport (Build your trust in others’ mind for better and personal and professional results)
  • What is rapport?
  • Three components of communication
  • How to build rapport by matching and mirroring
  • Learning Pacing and leading
  • Anchoring (Take control of the triggers for uncontrolled behaviors and unwanted habits effortlessly, also create the triggers for confidence, motivation and happiness)
  • What is Anchoring?
  • Procedure for setting an Anchor
  • Stacking Anchors
  • Chaining Anchors
  • Getting rid of addiction/bad habits using anchoring
  • Coming out of unwanted emotional setback with the help of Anchoring
  • Outcomes (Set and achieve compelling life goals wisdom fully without being stressed)
  • Outcomes vs Goals
  • Outcomes vs Task
  • Problem thinking vs Outcome thinking
  • Outcome Thinking Questions
  • Structure of Outcomes
  • Evaluating Present State, Desired State and the Resource
  • Beliefs and Outcomes
  • Hurdles in achieving outcomes
  • Outcomes and Affirmations

DAY Three

  • Modalities/Sub modalities (Human transformational technology made simple; Change what you don’t want at the level on Unconscious; Get what you want in life in an instant)
  • What are sub modalities?
  • Checklist of modalities
  • Sub-modalities; Digital or Analogue
  • Critical submodalities
  • How to elicit submodalities?
  • Sub-modalities; Contrastive Analysis
  • Changing Sub modalities
  • Swish
  • Fast Phobia technique
  • Deleting unwanted negative memories
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Building positive beliefs
  • Curing allergy
  • Speeding up healing power for any disease@ Sub modalities

DAY Four

  • Preferred Representational System (How we human beings represent the world in our mind; Look at the eyes, breath and words that anybody uses and get a sense of what goes in his mind)
  • Senses; Recognizing visuals/Auditories/Kinesthetics
  • Predicates for different Representational system
  • Get a sense how visual/auditory/kinesthetic people, managers and client produce their behavior
  • Time Line (Take control of your ‘background’ to redesign your ‘foreground’)
  • What is a Time Line?
  • How to elicit Time Line?
  • In-Time vs Through Time
  • How to change the time line?
  • Getting out of your past trauma through timeline mastery
  • Master Time-Management through Time line and make difference in your professional life
  • Value Hierarchy (Exploring deep mind programming of the choices that you make)
  • What are values?
  • Exploring values
  • Creating alignment among your top values
  • Why some people offer their life for a cause and why others do otherwise in the same context?
  • Understand one of the most significant ‘causes’ of human behavior

DAY Five

  • Learning/Problem Solving (The most significant learning comes when we learn to see the things from a different Point of View. Find New Point of Views for better results. Learn your inner alignment of motivation and ultimate wellness)
  • What is learning?
  • Levels of Learning
  • Learning Zone, Boredom Zone, Anxiety Zone
  • Simple Learning / Generative Learning
  • Neurological Levels/Alignment
  • Perceptual Positions for Exploring Relationship
  • Developing Effective Meeting Pattern
  • Check your Neurological Alignment for Happiness for Wealth, Wellness, Relationship, Motivation and Business Excellence
  • Metaphors (Listen to your inner mind closely; it uniquely says or shows you something for everything)
  • What are metaphors?
  • How metaphors design our world?
  • How to utilize the amazing power of metaphors?
  • See closely what metaphor you have for (a) life (b) relationship (c) wellness (money/wealth), (d) future
  • Create new metaphors for better life


  • Reframing (Redesigning your world; Find ways to release yourself and others from mental slavery)
  • What is Reframing?
  • What are NLP frames?
  • What are NLP outcome Frames?
  • Part Integration (Bringing the conflicting groups together and create an agreement frame)
  • Using Reframing for corporate/Business excellence by bringing dysfunctional teams together
  • Six Step Reframing (Separating behavior from the intention and creating new options that result in a win-win for both sides)
  • Using Reframing for resolving psychosomatic diseases
  • Strategies (Revealing why we do whatever we do; the inner programming & reprogramming)
  • What is a strategy?
  • What is syntax?
  • Essential Ingredients of a strategy
  • Main Categories of strategy
  • What is modeling?
  • How to elicit a strategy?
  • Strategy Notations
  • Find your different strategy for depression, motivation etc
  • Installing a strategy
  • New Behavior Generator
  • The Walt Disney Creative Strategy for unlimited creativity for your personal and professional growth
  • Quitting smoking, Eating addiction@ Strategy intervention
  • Exploring the strategies of learning-disability/dyslexia and solve it for students

DAY Seven

  • Meta Model (Be the master of verbal communication; Overcoming verbal objections and get to real issues; Influence people with your precision questioning)
  • What is Meta-Model?
  • What does Meta-Model do?
  • Different levels of language
  • Overcoming objection & finding out positive feedback by handling Language Pattern of Deletion, Distortion & Generalization
  • Hypnotic Language (Power of Artfully unclear language; Put people in hypnotic trance and talk to their ‘unconscious mind’ directly)
  • What is hypnotic language?
  • Why is it used?
  • What are Downtime/ Uptime activities?
  • Three phases of Milton Model
  • How to use hypnotic language in everyday conversation and give command to unconscious mind
  • Sensory Rich Language (Power of sensory-engaging language)
  • What is sensory language?
  • Why to use sensory language?
  • Shortcut to using sensory rich language
  • The art of engaging people’s sense through sensory language for effective communication.
  • Meta Programs (Exploring the hidden human motivational ‘hot buttons’; Meta Programs are strong influence on our behavior and personality)
  • What are Meta Programs?
  • How to recognize and pace them?
  • Making the best use of Meta Programs in developing sales, leadership and enhance productivity

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