Students Mind Power Workshop

ONLINE Mind Power and Super Memory Workshop for Students

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What a student will learn : Memory
  • Memory Mechanism: How our Memory works.
  • Maximum Retention: How to retain for long period of time.
  • Remembering place of objects we keep & forget.
  • Learning Full forms.
  • Scientists & their Invention.
  • Book & Author.
  • Memorizing shopping list.
  • Uses of any chemical.
  • Sequential order data.
  • Memorizing names of people.
  • Points of theory.
  • Memorizing Diagrams.
  • Memorizing History dates with events.
  • Sanskrit words & their English meaning.
  • Tough English words & their meaning.
  • Figure based General knowledge data.
  • Periodic table: Atomic no. & Elements.
  • Long passages, essays, BOOK!

What a student will learn: Mind

  • Developing Interest in weak subject.
  • Topper’s Study Formula.
  • Ten methods of Learning.
  • Motivation for studies & carrier.
  • Confidence Building.
  • Designing Future.

Investment Course fee includes  One Workbook & CD, and Lifetime membership participants can access all video lessons

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